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adoptees from other countries who have zero chance of ever meeting their bioparents or knowing who they are. This is the gift that adopters gave to their foreign adopted children when they went abroad to adopt a kid with precisely this characteristic, that there would be virtually no chance of ever connecting the dots. There's an amom of a chinese adoptee on this easosophrhiz1451 who has said that she would give anything to make it possible for her adoptee to reconnect with her chinese family -- because she (now) realizes how important it is to the girl. Funny she didn't think about that at the time, but only thought about herself and preventing a match-up ever occurring or a pesky biomom showing up in her life. It's easy to say now that amom would like to make this happen for the kid because she knows it can't be, no matter how much her child desires it! Joke's on you, adopter mom; looks like you didn't give your chinese daughter such a gift after all!



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